New Members

From time to time a plot becomes vacant at our site.   Once you contact us you will be invited to visit the site and see available plots.   New members need to be aware that they take over a plot in the state they see it – some plots have been worked well and have no old equipment left on it but other plots might be in need of loving care.

Rent is due once a year, at present on 1 October.    Prices for 2018/2019 are:

  • £7.50 per pole (half price for seniors 66 and over and quarter price for over 80s.   Reductions apply to the first 10 poles only) plus
  • £2 per pole for water plus
  • £6.50 per family subscription

One pole is the equivalent of 25.3 square metres or 30.5 square yards.   Our plots vary in size from 4 to 10 poles.   A person under 66 could expect to pay:   around £54 for a 5 pole plot;    or £110.50 for a 10 pole plot.  Plus we ask for £5 for the site key.

In exchange we ask that:

  • Members keep their plots cultivated to a reasonable standard, and surrounding paths mown
  • give approximately 6 hours of their time to maintain communal areas.  For example through joining a Work Party day and prune in our communal orchard, cut down saplings in our meadow or clearing bramble around the site.

If you are interested in becoming a member please email:  

or post to 38 Glenwood Road, London NW7 4LJ